Success Story: Public Safety

Deploying GeoEvent Server for the San Diego Regional Public Safety Geodatabase Program (RPSG)

RPSG San Diego Fire Tracks - AVL

By harnessing the power of ESRI’s GeoEvent Processor, RPSG revolutionized the fire department's data landscape, elevating their analysis and sharpening their decision-making prowess."


San Diego County is a region with rural and urban environments that present various public safety challenges. The San Diego Regional Public Safety Geodatabase Program (RPSG) supported over 30 public safety agencies serving more than 3 million residents in the County. The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (OES) needed a solution to increase situational awareness and provide actionable location intelligence to emergency managers. The ideal solution would provide access to real-time data and mapping to enable data-driven decision-making throughout the region.


The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services needed a solution to deliver real-time data and mapping for public safety agencies across San Diego County. One of the major hurdles was identifying and implementing a technology platform capable of ingesting data from multiple sources while leveraging the GIS resources developed by the program over the past several years. The primary audience was another consideration for this project. The solution had to be easy to use for emergency managers, fire chiefs, and decision-makers that may not use GIS as part of their daily workflow.

The real-time data feeds offered an up-to-date situational awareness, helping the fire chief and other decision-makers respond quickly and efficiently to situations as they arise or progress.


As a GIS consultant with many years of experience supporting public safety, GEOinovo worked with the Office of Emergency Services to deploy ArcGIS GeoEvent Server to add real-time data capabilities to the existing ArcGIS Enterprise. This solution enables connectivity to real-time data feeds via APIs for weather sensors, traffic sensors and remote cameras monitoring areas susceptible to wildfire, automatic vehicle location (AVL). Hosting these capabilities via Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures high availability and scalability for essential data analysis and visualization tools to support public safety agencies. The various sensor data feeds were combined into an operations dashboard, providing situational awareness to key decision-makers throughout the region. When combined with data from public safety dispatch centers, the dashboard enabled emergency managers to assess current conditions and monitor resource availability to make informed decisions and ensure emergency readiness.

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