GIS Server Administration

The core of most modern GIS deployments is a server-based architecture.

Expert GIS administration by GeoInovo enables the deployment of server-based solutions that meet the needs of today’s quickly-evolving organizations.

Web and Mobile Apps

As more organizations move their data online, the power of web maps and apps accessible via mobile devices become an integral part of GIS at the organizational level.

Mobile devices enable field data collection via survey- or map-based applications for a wide variety of applications.

GIS Support

Geodatabase Design

Behind all digital GIS analysis is a geodatabase used to store, edit, and manage geographical data. GEOinovo will design and create your database from scratch. We can also edit and update your existing geodatabase.

Geographical Analysis

Perhaps you need to find the most cost-effective route for shipping. Or maybe you’re scouting locations for a new property taking crime or other factors into account. Our GIS analysis will turn your problem into a solution.

Data Collection

In order for a geodatabase to admirably serve its purpose, data must be up-to-date and accurate. But how do you get your hands on this data? We are well-versed in everything from field surveying to maintaining live data.

Additional Services

Field Data Collection

Enable subject matter experts to verify locations, materials, and geographic features in the field in real-time. Flexible field data collection apps enable staff to synchronize updates on-site or take the data with them and synchronize when they return to an area with Wi-Fi or wireless coverage.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Harness the power of UAS to provide high resolution imagery of your project area. UAS offers mission flexibility and cost efficiency that cannot be achieved with conventional aircraft, with the added benefit of providing specialized data using various sensors and cameras.

Map Creation

Whether you need a guide map for a pamphlet, or a thematic map for a presentation GEOinovo can help. We'll gather and analyze the needed data and create a beautiful and persuasive visual representation, which can be used to solve problems and sway opinions.

Web And Mobile Maps

Take our cartographic products with you to provide easy access to location- based project information on any web-enabled device. Enable project teams to collaborate more efficiently in the field or from remote office locations using a common operating picture.

Utilities/Environmental GIS

Geo-reference AutoCAD data, as-builts, and field data to create a complete picture of your utility such as water and stormwater infrastructure project data. Use project-specific information and supporting data sources to identify environmentally sensitive and/or historical areas.


Customized widgets, tools, or functionality can tailor a specific software platform to increase usability for end users, automate repetitive tasks, or simplify complex analysis processes. We offer development services to help you put your project over the top.


Our GIS professionals can take your CAD data to the next level by turning features of interest into geographic data that can be used in web maps, project exhibits, enterprise applications, and more.

Asset Inventory and Management Applications

GeoInovo Solutions offers the ability to leverage your geographic data with enterprise asset management applications such as Lucity.


Our dedicated professional services team will gladly provide client training, enabling end users to maximize their data and leverage GIS resources more efficiently.